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Google has emerged as an authority in design and has moved the design world from Skeuomorph to Flat to Material. The trends set by Google today are followed by designers all over the world. Hence, like Apple has for iPhones, Google also had guidelines for Android app design. Though these guidelines are not as strict as iOS and custom components can easily be developed, we find it best to follow Google’s android app design guidelines to have an up-to-date, neat looking mobile application in the market. This will also ensure a smooth user experience on any Android device.

Companies that design apps for Android platform need to keep certain things in mind.

Mockup Mobile App Design
  • The mobile app designer needs to be constantly updated about the latest trends.
  • There should be a good communication and training sessions within the app design company between the app designer and the app developer. This will ensure that the designer will not create anything that cannot be developed.
  • The app design company should have a process to upgrade the application they have developed with every update in the Android version.
  • The android app design should be compatible with the same product’s iPhone app design.

One quick tip – When you meet a mobile app designer, ask him what’s different in the latest Android version from the previous one. If he has a few points to make, and probably a suggestion for Google as well…he is your designer

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