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One can swear by Apple’s aesthetics and sense of user interface design. Apple has laid out guidelines for iOS mobile app designing so that user experience is not compromised while using different apps. Though it might seem a limiting factor for a novice mobile app designer, it offers a lot of room for creativity for a seasoned one.

For you as a product owner, here are a few questions you can use as a checklist for ascertaining that you are getting a top notch app design for iPhone from your mobile app design company.

Mockup Mobile App Design

Here are some things that can only come from a company experienced in website prototyping.

  • While creating mockups
    • Are the proposed features compatible with latest iOS guidelines?
    • Will proposed functionality be available in all devices? (e.g., fingerprint recognition and 3D touch cannot be used in all devices)
  • While wireframing and app prototyping
    • Will the workflow be same in Android devices as well?
    • How will the iPhone app design work if used in an iPad?
  • While designing
    • Is the proposed design compatible with iPhone app design guidelines?
    • Are we using any unnecessary custom components in place of default iOS components? Using custom components where they are not required can increase your development time and cost.

One final suggestion – Do your due diligence and find out which iPhone is used the most by your target audience. Your iPhone app design should be built using layout of that device. UI for a 5c can be very different from that of a 6s.

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