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What is the need for UI Prototyping before you can start designing or development work on it?

Most app development companies skip this step and move straightaway to UI Designing. The only pro we see here is the falsified comfort of saving time; List of some prominent cons is listed below.

  • UI/UX designer’s nightmare

    Starting designing without creating a UI prototype is like prescribing medication without a proper diagnosis. Iterations in an app design are inevitable, important and healthy, but forcing them on the design team without proper blueprint is a waste of time for the entire team.

  • Limit to the thought process

    Changing screen-styles, navigation, and workflow is much easier and faster in app prototypes than it is on a designing tool like Photoshop. Availability of custom widgets in mobile phone prototyping tools, allows a product-owner to quickly make changes. This becomes a cumbersome process when the app is being designed by a UI/UX designer.

  • Time and money

    Interface prototypes give a clear picture to the designer as to what has to be designed. This saves a lot of time and effort for him. More so a badly thought through wireframe can be frustrating for any designer.

Mobile App Prototypes

Having said that let’s discuss the importance and guidelines for mobile app prototyping.

What is the need of application prototyping?

  • Lessons from automobile and appliance industry
  • Blueprint for the application
  • Mitigating waste of effort

Why is it important it have a mobile app prototype?

  • Early stage user feedback
  • Clarity for developers
  • A look into the final product

When app prototyping is not required?

  • Small feature enhancements
  • Content changes
  • Simple application

Being a very critical step in the development of a web application, UI Prototyping can be a fun process. Be it a mobile or web application, be sure to hire a development partner with a proven track record.

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