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The world has gone mobile. Content consumption is moving swiftly from computers to mobile handsets. The website that we once viewed only on computers are now being viewed, and judged, on mobile devices. Ease of sharing details on mobiles has further accentuated this shift.

Mobile applications are rampant but not everyone needs or can afford to get a mobile application developed for his business. So what’s the solution! It’s hiring a mobile website development company and getting a mobile version of your existing website if that is possible or getting a fresh mobile friendly website developed.

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So, you can currently be sitting in two situations.

  • You don’t have a website
    1. We will call this the ideal state because if you are developing a website from scratch your web Development Company will create a website that is either mobile friendly or has a mobile version. The choice from the two can be made with the help of you website development partner.
  • You have a website
    1. The first thing that a mobile website development company will do is test your existing website on a mobile phone. Then it will check the technology in which this website is built. Based on the finding it will offer you a cost effective solution, whether to revamp or recreate.

At Collabroo Works we make sure every website that is created is mobile friendly and scalable even if it is out of scope of work.

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